Blumenbach Book Part 2 Draft

I am currently writing a book about Johann Friedrich Blumenbach (1752-1840) and how his research was mistranslated and manipulated by 18th century racists and 20th century postmodernist. It is entitled Skulls, Race, & Beauty: How the Birth of Anthropology was Hijacked by Racists, Leftist, and Idealists.

My research has led me to conclude that the changes of racism against most of the pioneers of physical anthropology (like Kant, Knox, Morton, Broca, and Coon), are justified. However, Blumenbach, (like Teidemann and Weidenriech) was not a racist. He does not deserve the ill treatment and stereotyping he has received by some 20th century progressives (like Londa Scheibinger and Stephen Jay Gould) and adherents of postmodern philosophy.

Scheibinger’s and Gould’s claims that Blumenbach was obsessed with racial beauty is wholly unwarranted and is based on a bad 19th century translation of Blumenbach’s Latin writings. This bad translation was prepared by Thomas Bendyshe, who inserted white supremacist elements and statements about beauty into Blumenbach’s text.

I will be posting draft chapters on this web page throughout 2015 as I complete the book. I encourage any comment and complaints, but I reserve the right to delete anything that uses offensive language or hate speech. I hope to hear from people who think I am dead wrong (it’s actually a good exercise for me and often quite informative), but let’s keep it polite.

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